about us

A new breed of hand, body and home care

WØRKS meets the needs of modern consumers by formulating organic, plant-based and biodegradable products that outperform their synthetic counterparts.

With Danish and Australian founders, WØRKS bridges the gap between renowned Scandinavian design and locally sourced raw materials. Our products are made ethically in Melbourne, Australia and designed authentically in Århus, Denmark.

We operate with a wholistic approach to good living, a strong focus on timeless design, and an unwavering commitment to environmental integrity to create sensory products that enhance daily rituals and elevate interior spaces.

what's in a name?


The name WØRKS comes from the word workshop for its dual meanings: an establishment dedicated to craftsmanship and manufacture, and a coming together of minds to discuss and build new ideas.

Simply, WØRKS is a space of creativity and innovation.

The inclusion of the Danish character Ø is a nod to our committment to authentic Danish design.

Our mission

Purpose before profit

"We founded WØRKS because nobody was taking sustainability as far as we wanted to take it," say co-founder Suze Raymond.

"Our mission from the beginning has been to create Australia's most sustainable brand - without compromising on aesthetics.

Sustainability is our why, and beautiful design is our passion."

every great design begins with an even better story

A Tale of Three Cities

With Danish design front and centre, our collections are named for Denmark’s most significant and sentimental cities.

Named for the hometown of WØRKS co-founder Christoffer Kjærgård, ÅRHUS is a collection of high-end hand care for daily use.

Named Denmark’s second city, ØDENSE is a collection of luxury body products that elevate the rituals of personal care.

Named for the capital København, KØBEN is a collection of aromatic candles that bridge the gap between minimalist design and sensory experience.