Where sustainability meets design

Where sustainability meets design

Given that one half of our founding team is Danish, it’s no surprise that WØRKS takes a lot of inspiration from this small Scandinavian nation. From the quintessential Danish design principles of form and function to the country’s strong stance on sustainability and social equality, there’s a lot to feel inspired about.

Considered design for everyday living

Despite its modest population of just five million citizens, Denmark has turned out more than its fair share of top designers, with Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Hans Wegner, Jørn Utzon, Paul Henningsen, and duo Bang and Olufsen amongst the most well known.

The question of how this small nation has produced such a disproportionate number of designers–and continues to lead the global charge in design–has a simple answer: climate. Long, dark winters and unforgiving temperatures have historically forced the Danes indoors; a circumstance that has given rise to the Danish cultural staple of interior design.

From Denmark’s big cities to its smaller towns, the often-oppressive darkness outside paved the way for interiors that are light and bright, with attention paid to a creating a sense of space. Similarly, the exterior cold has given way to warm minimalism inside, where natural wood finishes, muted tones, and a palette of soft neutrals create a feeling of hygge (read: cosiness).

These spaces are furnished with items created with intention and purpose: every object must contribute to the space as a whole, function seamlessly, and look and feel beautiful.


Denmark is consistently named the world’s happiest country. So why are Danes so happy? (And what can we learn from them?)


Inspired by the Danish aesthetic, considered design prevails across our collections. Our products are defined by their distinct visual appeal, commitment to user experience, and functional design - from vessel size, weight and silhouette to clean lines, earth-tone palette and the discrete silicone mat fitted to the base of each vessel.

In keeping with the Danish tradition, every item in our collection is designed with intention to transform into a sophisticated accessory for the home. 

Environmental impact and sustainable practices

More than a design hub, Denmark is an innovator in the responsible use of environmental resources. This forward-thinking nation is pioneering a number of sustainability initiatives including Samsø; the world’s first 100% renewable energy-powered island. Owing predominantly to wind turbines, this small Danish island generates more energy that it consumes, with every one of the island’s permanent residents producing negative 12 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Following on from the success of Samsø, the Danish government has committed to making Copenhagen the world’s first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025.

Denmark’s commitment to environmental ethics doesn’t stop at energy production. This sustainability-focused nation boasts the highest organic market share in the world, with more than 10 percent of the country’s domestic produce being farmed without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. With a view to increasing that number, the Danish government offers heavy subsidies for organic agriculture, including a 2018-19 stimulus package worth AUD$250 million that was allocated to farmers opting to go organic. 


Discover ØDENSE, a sustainable and sensory collection of body care formulated with certified organic ingredients


Inspired by this commitment to organics and sustainability, we operate with end-to-end environmental integrity. We source certified organic, fair trade and sustainably grown and harvested raw materials; create clean biodegradable formulations; uphold a commitment to end plastic pollution; offset our carbon footprint by partnering with carbon-neutral postage services; package our products in reusable glass vessels; guarantee that every WØRKS product is vegan and cruelty-free; and maintain a zero single-use plastic policy.

As a nod to Denmark’s unprecedented commitment to organics, we incorporated the Danish national symbol for certified organic produce, being Ø, into our name, WØRKS.

With progressive governments leading by example, enterprises changing the way they do business, and committed groups of citizens living and consuming more consciously, sustainability is transforming from niche trend to aspirational lifestyle concept. And with clever design at the forefront, sustainability and luxury are no longer mutually exclusive; indeed, they are quickly becoming two sides of the same coin.

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