Sustainability: our eight pillars of environmental ethics

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It's Earth Month. Let's talk (true) sustainability

We can all agree that sustainability is important. But what does true sustainability really mean?

Here at WØRKS, true sustainability is about end-to-end environmental integrity. Every one of our products, processes and items of packaging must adhere to a rigorous sustainability protocol from manufacture to post-consumer.

Learn more about our eight pillars of sustainability, and discover why we're one of Australia's most sustainable brands.

Certified organic

All of our formulations are made with certified organic raw materials that have been grown and harvested sustainably.

No chemicals or pesticides are permitted in the growing of certified organic crops. This ensures the integrity of the crops, the environmental impact of their farming and the long-term sustainability of the land.

Certified organic also safeguards human health as it prevents chemicals from entering the bloodstream by way of absorption through the skin.


Glass vessels

We house every product - including refills - in reusable glass vessels. Glass is the most sustainable option for personal care packaging.

Glass can be sterilised, refilled, repurposed and recycled in perpetuity. In comparison, plastic cannot be sterilised for repurpose, has a limited recycling lifespan, and can only be downcycled into products of lesser quality.


Carbon offset

We offset the carbon associated with shipping every retail and wholesale order Australia-wide. This is executed by way of tree planting, habitat building and other environmental restoration efforts.

Sustainable refills

Our refills are housed in glass vessels, not plastic pouches.

Plastic refill pouches are counter-productive by nature of their petrochemical makeup, and are more of a greenwashing exercise than a sustainable solution. Pouches can only be made from 100% virgin plastic and are not easily recyclable. 

There is no such thing as sustainable plastic. 


Circular economy

Reuse far outweighs recycling in terms of environmental impact. That's why our glass vessels are designed to be kept and repurposed.

Our refills are housed in glass vessels with screw cap closures. After purchasing your refill, simply remove the cap and add the pump from your empty product. The empty vessel can then be cleaned in the dishwasher, sealed with the screw cap and reused as a drink bottle or for storing liquids.

Can't find a new life for your vessel? Return it to us and we'll reuse it.


Clean formulation

Our products are biodegradable, vegan and free from parabens, sulphates (SLS, SLES, SDS, ALS), dyes, fillers, phthalates, PEGS, detergents, silicones, mineral oils and palm oil.

We formulate with certified organics, botanicals and natural extracts chosen for their skin synergy and proven efficacy.


"On top of using sustainable vessels, WØRKS is plastic-free, committed to being carbon neutral, uses only organic and sustainably grown and harvested materials and ships in recyclable containers."



Local manufacture

WØRKS is an Australian owned and operated family business.

Every WØRKS product is made in an accredited laboratory and finished by hand in Melbourne. We source our certified organic raw materials within Australia and keep the physical distances in our supply chain short to reduce carbon emissions associated with shipping raw materials.


Plastic-free packaging

With end-to-end sustainability in mind, we pack and ship our products in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes. Our boxes have been custom made to protect the glass vessels inside without the need for additional packing material.

We never use bubble wrap, packing beads, plastic wrap or excessive packaging.


"We founded WØRKS because no brands were taking sustainability as far as we wanted to take it.

It’s time to stop green washing, stop brand washing and stop confusing consumers with misleading marketing spin. Let’s work together to create a truly sustainable future."

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