ÅRHUS: a Vogue Living favourite

ÅRHUS: a Vogue Living favourite

ÅRHUS: a Vogue Living favourite

Vogue Living has released its highly anticipated 2019 Christmas Gift Guide: the ultimate edit of luxury goods, designer homewares, premium skincare, striking objects and inspired artworks.

Every year this interior design authority throws its considerable weight behind a handful of the best local and international brands and most beautiful products to have hit the market throughout the previous 12 months. This year our ÅRHUS Nourishing Hand Soap was selected. Given its fusion of meticulous Danish design and ethical Australian production, it’s easy to see why.


Scientifically formulated, ÅRHUS bridges the gap between luxurious sensory experience and meticulous Danish design


As sustainability becomes synonymous with luxury, the market for high-end products with environmental integrity is growing, and savvy fashion and design editors are quick to recognise brands and products that meet the brief.

Formulated with certified organic and sustainably grown and harvested raw materials, packaged in bespoke glass vessels fitted with non-slip silicon, and featuring clean and minimalistic labels designed in Denmark, ÅRHUS delivers a beautiful sensory experience while bringing meticulous design and authentic Scandinavian style into the homes of our clients.

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